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Dr. Patrick has seen patients from all over North America. If you are interested in knowing more about Dr. Patrick’s work and I have some questions….

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First, read the answers to these top 10 questions to help you decide if coming to see Dr. Patrick is something you’d like to do.

Then decide whether you can make the trip or not.


Where is the Digestion Relief Center located?

We are in Chico, located in beautiful Northern California.

                                               Curious where Chico, CA is?


Does Dr. Patrick know anyone near me that does the same work he does?

Dr. Patrick’s practice has become highly specialized with 17 years of graduate and postgraduate training in holistic internal health issues. So the answer to this question is, unfortunately, no. There is no else that he knows who uses his approach and his combination of multidisciplinary practices in this field. But the good news is he accepts new and long distance patients every day.


How long has Dr. Patrick been doing this work?

About 15 years with thousands of patients from all over the country.

Is Dr. Patrick an MD or Gastroenterologist?

Neither. Because Dr. Patrick does not want to use drugs or surgery to help his patients get well, he choose to become a Chiropractor by license. Since 1999, he pursued an advanced postgraduate diplomacy that qualifies him to specialize in Internal Health. In addition, Dr. Patrick annually advances his education with additional certifications in his field of specialty. Read more...


Has Dr. Patrick helped people with my condition before?

Yes. If you are experiencing health challenges from this list Link to find relief for list, it is very likely that Dr. Patrick can help you. The best way to find out is to schedule a consultation with him.

Another way to discover how Dr. Patrick can bring you relief is to scroll through our patient’s stories to look for others who had similar problems and who experienced success. 

Read how other patients found relief...


How would Dr. Patrick test and treat me?

Dr. Patrick does a comprehensive exam using three diverse sources of information. These factors are cross-referenced for patterns to identify what is causing your problem(s). The three factors are:

  • What you tell us in a signs and symptoms survey
  • What the lab test tells us via results
  • What your body tells us in an office examination*

Once we have your lab work in hand, you are ready to schedule your first appointment. It usually takes just a few appointments to help you start feeling better again.

I have tried other doctors and tests before. Tell me more about how what Dr. Patrick provides is different from other standard practices.

First, we believe when you can get to cause of the problem, you get to the cure. This fundamental belief, often overlooked by others, guides Dr. Patrick’s approach with every patient.

Second, Dr. Patrick is a pioneer in the functional approach to solving unresolved health challenges. That means he looks for how your body’s organs, (e.g. liver, kidney, thyroid) and your systems (e.g. circulatory, nervous, digestive) function, or work together as a whole. Because we know that not every body is everybody, each patient’s treatment is unique.

Third, we offer a different type of testing to assist us to identify and treat the cause of your problem. Our specialized testing, provided by only 3 labs in the country, includes a 24-hour Urine Test to identify digestive competency, blood testing if needed, and hands on examination* and treatment.


Can I talk with Dr. Patrick to explain my situation before I decide to sign up?

Yes. The best way to learn whether you can benefit from Dr. Patrick’s work is to talk with Dr. Patrick directly. He will know more about whether he can help you after you share your health concerns.

We would like to invite you to call Dr. Patrick’s assistant, at 530-899-8741 so we can get your contact information and arrange a convenient time for him to spend a few minutes with you on the telephone or video conference call.

During that time, you will learn if the approach he uses sounds like the right approach for you. You will be able to share your health history, labs and test results and current health challenges. Based on the individualized treatment approach you and Dr. Patrick choose, treatment costs will vary and will be provided for you at that time.

If any information you share suggests medical treatment for disease, Dr. Patrick will refer to you to your medical doctor.

The fee for this initial consultation is $55.


Does insurance pay for this?

No. We do not contract with insurance companies because if we did they would dictate the type of treatment we offer. This would not allow us to treat patients with the natural approach that we have found to be the most effective. We believe it is in the best interest of the patient that the doctor and the patient choose the proper approach and treatment, not an insurance company.

We do offer our services, however for affordable fees. Some patients use their cafeteria plans, HSA’s (Health Savings Account), or FSA's (Flexible Spending Accounts). We also accept Visa and Master Card. Payment is due at time of service.


Can I submit receipts to my insurance company?

Because a functional approach to healing is a new way to determine cause and effect in the body, unfortunately Dr. Patrick’s work is not recognized by traditional coding methods used by insurance companies.

What if I want to come but I still can’t make the trip to Chico?

* We know that it’s not always possible for everyone to travel to see us. Hence we do offer testing and consultation on a long distance basis, without the hands on treatments. Our success rates indicate that we are able to help others long distance with many conditions tied to internal health and compromised digestion system, including resolving tan colored stools.

If you can come, click here for a few additional FAQ’s...

If you can’t come, click here for a few additional FAQ’s

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