What’s The Secret To Beautiful Hair?

Many of us have been conditioned to believe that it’s the products we use on our hair that will give us beautiful hair … right?

Not quite true because the root of beautiful hair starts inside. Think about what you eat that can affect the beauty of your hair.  If you are not sure about this theory, consider the following ‘Hair Facts’:

Key to Beautiful Hair

Your hair is primarily comprised of the protein Keratin. This protein is also found in our teeth, fingernails, toenails and our skin.

Although it may seem like hair itself contains oil, oils originate from the sebaceous glands in the scalp. These glands produce Sebum that can give your hair a shiny, healthy look. Hair also contains melanin, to give hair its color as well as small amounts of vitamins, zinc and some trace metals.

In short, hair is basically made of protein, oil, vitamins and minerals.

The real secret to shiny, healthy hair is found in your digestive system.

Where do these components of hair come from?

Our food.

Because if your body can’t break down the food it needs to manufacture the raw materials for growing and nourishing your hair, your hair will suffer.

The Need to Feed

If you are not able to digest and absorb your protein, fat and other nutrients that ‘feed your hair’ properly, your hair may become dry, brittle and dull. Poor digestion means you are not able to absorb the very nutrients that can give you the hair you desire.

Let’s look at these essential ingredients one at a time.

Protein - Keratin

 Keratin has no nutritional value to humans and cannot be taken as a supplement. Thus keratin must be manufactured by your cells from amino acids that come from digesting protein properly. Amino acids, the building blocks of protein, also play a role in the health and color of your hair.

Fats - Sebum

Sebum, the component that gives your hair its shine, is a fatty substance. But if you are not absorbing fat from the foods you eat, sebum will not be created to nourish your hair and give it shine.

Vitamins and Minerals

Finally, the vitamins and minerals in a hair shaft also come from proper absorption of your food. If you have poor digestion you may not be able to absorb your minerals, especially if you have inadequate stomach acid or are using antacids, or acid blocking medications.

The Need to Feed Your Thyroid, too!

Dry brittle hair, or loss of hair is wildly recognized as a sign of low thyroid hormone, or hypothyroidism. Low thyroid hormone may result from poor digestion of either fat or protein sources. Now that you have the recipe for beautiful hair, you probably now know that the thyroid needs good fat and protein digestion to give you that beautiful shiny head of hair.

Zinc is an essential mineral that our cells require to accept thyroid hormone. Excessive amounts of cooper or iron can compete with receptors for zinc and thyroid hormone. This may interfere with thyroid hormone activity and may create loss of hair.  

What’s the solution?

Get a digestion check up.

Here at the Digestion Relief Center we believe that the health of your hair can be an indicator of the health of your body.  Our treatment approach is to improve your protein and fat digestion so that your body can extract the nutrients it needs for all the functions it performs.

If you have tried the ‘outside approach’ to healthy hair using shampoos and conditioners without the results you are looking for - perhaps its time to try the ‘inside approach’ - and fix your digestion to support healthy looking hair. The source of the problem is unlikely to be fixed with hair products because they do not address the cause, merely the symptoms.

If this approach sounds like something you would like to do, please call our office at 530-899-8741 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Patrick. The consultation provides you the opportunity to share your concerns and receive an initial test and exam to determine how you can improve your digestion.

Make every day a good hair day!

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