Chico Food Allergies and the IBS Connection

Allergy problems in Redding and Chico, CA can turn a day into a nightmare.

Travel or social plans get scrapped. Multiple trips are made to the bathroom. And there is the worry about the location of the nearest toilet when out. Embarrassment. Pain. Dread.

If you are experiencing devastating bowel problems then you know it’s a hard problem to ignore. Perhaps you‘ve tried an over the counter anti diarrheal or a laxative. Perhaps you‘ve been to your doctor who diagnosed you with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and gave you a medication or advice to drink more water or eat more fiber. Or perhaps you’ve been told you just have to live with it.

Once you know whats causing your IBS you can get to the cure.

Find the Cause; Find the Cure

The first part of the solution is get to the root cause of your bowel problems. Once you know what is causing your constipation, diarrhea or  IBS, you can get to the cure. You may already guess it’s connected to the food you eat. That makes logical sense- input is always related to output. But what exactly is causing the bowels to react?

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The food that enters our tummies and bowels must enter a healthy digestive environment for proper assimilation and elimination. If we develop allergic-like responses to our food however, our digestive system becomes compromised enough that our body has difficulty both feeding us nourishment and purging our toxic waste. It is like giving our car the wrong type of fuel. The car will not perform as well and eventually it’s headed for a breakdown. So it is with our bodies when we have food sensitivities.  Think of it like your bowels are sending you a warning sign because they are not getting the proper fuel to function well.

Time to Try a Different Approach?

In our clinic we use an approach to improve your body’s ability to merge and purge food properly without irritating your stomach and bowels. We identify and treat for food sensitivities, food intolerances, and improve your digestion without needles or medications.

If what you have tried to fix your IBS and bowel problems isn’t working, join thousands of others in Chico, Redding and Northern California,  who are free of the pain and embarrassment of IBS and who can eat some of their favorite foods again. Learn how you can get relief from IBS at our next FREE seminar  in Chicoor schedule a private consultation to learn how Dr. Patrick’s affordable approach could result in a fix in a few weeks to a few months. Call us at 530-899-8741 today so that you, or someone you know, can enjoy life again!

Dr. Patrick Giammarise, DC, founder of the Digestion Relief Center, in Chico California, specializes in natural relief for food sensitivities, intolerances and digestive problems. Dr. Patrick can be reached at 530-899-8741.

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